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Registering a New Reliever

By April 14, 2020April 28th, 2020No Comments

Video Guide – Registering a New Reliever

If you wish to add a new reliever to the system, we recommend you ask the reliever to download the StaffSync app and follow the registration process. Once the reliever has done this you can search for the reliever in the system. However, if you would like to register the reliever yourself, you can follow the instructions below.

Registering a New Reliever image 33
  1. Select ‘Relievers’
  2. Click ‘Add a New Reliever’
  3. Enter the reliever’s email address or mobile number
  4. Click on the search symbol
  5. Your search results will appear on the right. If the reliever appears here, they already have an account which you can add to your preferred list
  6. If there are no results, select ‘Register New Reliever’
Registering a New Reliever image 34
  1. Enter the reliever’s details
  2. Start typing the reliever’s physical address, choose the full address from the address suggestions below
  3. Select the roles suitable for this reliever
  4. Click ‘Register Details’
    Your relievers profile is now created. To access this profile, the reliever will need to download the StaffSync app from the Playstore/AppStore. To log in, they will need to use their email address and the initial password, which is automatically set to their first name – all lowercase.

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