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Creating a Dummy Reliever Profile

By April 14, 2020May 22nd, 2020No Comments

There are a few relievers who do not have access to internet or for some other reason cannot respond to jobs via StaffSync notifications or emails. In this situation, schools tend to create a dummy reliever profile, which allows them to assign the job to the reliever for reporting purposes, while they may choose other means of communication to inform the reliever of the job e.g. phone call.

Creating a Dummy Reliever Profile image 35
  1. Select ‘Relievers’
  2. Click ‘Add a New Reliever’
  3. Enter the reliever’s email address or mobile number
  4. Click on the search symbol
  5. Your empty search results will appear here
  6. Select ‘Register New Reliever’
Creating a Dummy Reliever Profile image 36
  1. Enter the reliever’s details
  2. Start typing the reliever’s physical address, choose the full address from the address suggestions below
  3. Switch this toggle to ‘Yes’ – this will ensure no notifications or emails are sent to this person
  4. Select the roles suitable for this reliever
  5. Click ‘Register Details’
    The profile will now be created – to the right of the profile, there will be a symbol of two speech bubbles with a cross through it – this is an indication that you cannot communicate with this reliever via StaffSync.
Creating a Dummy Reliever Profile image 37

How to assign a job to a Dummy Reliever Profile

  1. PUBLISH A JOB – When choosing the relievers, choose the Dummy Reliever Profile
  2. VIEW CURRENT JOBS – Open the job you have published and click ‘Assign Relievers’
Creating a Dummy Reliever Profile image 38
  1. Click ‘Show Relievers That Did Not Respond’
  2. Select the ‘+’ next to your Dummy Reliever Profile to assign them to the job

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