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Meet The Team

You don’t build a business, you build people and then people build the business

About Us Rhys
Rhys Greensill
Managing Director

Using technology to address the mundane and solve the points of pain in your working day or business is the reason Stephen and I started the company.  Creating software that works and is intuitive is what gets me out of bed in the morning (actually it is probably the dog wanting to be fed).

I am in the fortunate position of employing some incredible talented people.  The key quality that I look for in our staff is a willingness to help others, because, based upon over 30 years experience as Management Consultant and managing various companies, I believe this is the key ingredient for all successful companies.  I see this trait flowing through StaffSync everywhere – from the close relationship our BDMs have with our clients, to the nights and weekends our Tech team devote to solve our clients problems, through to the fantastic support we offer through our 0800 and 1800 help lines.

I recently received an email from an ECE Manager who told me that since using StaffSync she was able to spend much more time with her family in the mornings rather than spend hours ringing relievers to fill her roster.  I get the same stories from managers in the medical sector, companies involved in hospitality or Agencies that use our software.  Hearing these stories is what inspires me, and drives me to continue to develop new solutions for our clients.

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Stephen Persson
Information Technology

I love the challenge of taking a new concept or an idea and turning it into smart software that solves a business problem, or removes a lot of unnecessary pain and work for people. Working on StaffSync has meant talking with a lot of different parties, understanding what they do everyday, seeing what makes their jobs difficult, and working with them to remove those pain points. It’s a great team here at StaffSync with a lot of different skill sets that has meant we are able to achieve big things and solve some pretty complex problems. It is very rewarding to then see people using those solutions and it making a big difference to how they do their jobs.

About Us Bernard Redmund 1
Bernard Redmond
Non-Executive Director - Australia

Helping customers adopt technology to achieve their transformational objectives has been a key driver for me. I have been fortunate to work with some large global companies delivering successful and complex projects. Keeping the customer at the centre of what we do and being brilliant at the basics is the cornerstone of my philosophy to continue to achieve these results

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Emily Gillam

I love working for companies with great systems  and processes.  Where it hasn’t built it, itself, StaffSync uses state of the art technology across the company.  Internally, I love that everyone that picks up the phone is incredibly helpful and great to work with.

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Amu Thiyagu
Associate Director

When people who work in the technology space tell you that something cant be achieved, it is their way of saying either that they don’t know how to do it, or they are not willing to do it. StaffSync, the system and its people when I first met them as a client were great listeners. We build things with future in mind. It is inspiring to work alongside people and a system that truly embrace change and are excited by it.

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Sharyn Goodall
Marketing Consultant

I have been working for StaffSync since its inception in 2015. We have a great team of enthusiastic staff and I enjoy working with them, contacting clients and setting up appointments for demonstrations.  It has been great to watch these appointments turn into clients and see the huge number of schools and ECEs that are now using StaffSync.  I also love hearing the feedback from our clients on how this App has improved their working lives.

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Rowan Naylor
Account Manager

 The most important thing for me is that I am part of a team that is focused on making the product better and customer engagement is key to that. I love being able to interact with customers and find out how we improve the app to help better the customers experience, and it’s always great to hear about the results.

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Richard Law
Customer Support Manager

Really excited to join the StaffSync team as the software is a fantastic solution for the reliever problem, while also being easily applicable for all other industries that use casual workers. It’s exciting to think of all the possible applications, and to see where StaffSync can continue to grow.

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Lis Owens
Business Development Manager
South Island

Staffsync is all about efficiency. I love meeting potential clients and showing them just how easily the system can streamline their processes and decrease workloads across multiple staff members. In addition, being a NZ made product with heaps of local support makes me proud to represent StaffSync across the South Island.

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Martin Telford
Business Development Manager

I enjoy working with people and having a product that helps others in their business gives me great job satisfaction. Being a part of a company that brings change and helps others is what life and work is all about.

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