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People management
made simple

A complete staff management solution that creates a perfect balance between its features and their ease of use.

We welcome you to explore these features through this website, or by booking a demo to see first-hand how our software platform can help your business or organisation.

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Over 2200 organisations are using StaffSync

Supermarkets, health centres, aged care facilities, schools, logistics and retail chains are all
managing their staff with StaffSync.

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Support your team & get your time back

StaffSync is used by thousands of employees and businesses across New Zealand & Australia. Our solution is the perfect balance between features and ease-of-use and is packed full of tools such as roster management, employee profiling, reporting and casual staff management; all while being intuitive and simple to use.

Welcome to the ultimate staff management tool. The fully compliant StaffSync platform is perfect for industries such as education, logistics, retail and more. We save you time so you can spend it doing the important things instead.

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For workforces of all shapes & sizes


Manage staff over multiple sites, automatically creating timesheets that link to your Payroll provider.

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Manage your permanent staff or send job notifications instantly to thousands of relievers

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Trade & Labour

In addition to rostering, use the system to monitor staff induction, training and compliance.

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Use our event function to create individual events and automatically capture their time and attendance which flows through to timesheets.

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Health Care

Manage multiple roles, allowing staff to easily change shifts.

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Manage everything from transportation through to warehouses.

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Intuitive, clean & easy to use software

Build comprehensive rosters

You don’t need a university degree to create rosters with StaffSync. ‘Intuitive’ and ‘simple’ are the words we hear when people use this module.

Simply assign staff by clicking on their thumbnail picture. When staff are on leave, click on their thumbnail and then either automatically assign another staff member or create a job notification to notify your casual staff.

When you have finished, hit the ‘Update’ button and your roster for the week will be updated on your staff’s app.

Use our One Click Break function to add breaks into the daily staff schedules – quickly informing them when they are scheduled to take breaks, and allowing you to easily stagger staff breaks across the day.

StaffSync Rostering

Manage your casual workforce

It takes less than a minute to send out a job notification – and you can send this to one or to thousands of casual employees.  StaffSync lets you send these all at once, or to tier the notifications so that your most preferred casuals receive the notification first.

Employees need to download our free StaffSync App (both Android and Apple) to receive these notifications, and can respond to your notices with a minimum of two touches of their phone.

Casual employees have the opportunity to update their availability on a self managed calendar giving you a live picture of their availability.

You can then choose the best person from those that apply, which then triggers automatic notifications being sent to all others involved in the process – confirming if they have been given the job or not.

StaffSync manage casuals

Organise your employee profiles

Free yourself from stacks of paper and records that are painful to access when you need it the most.

StaffSync will let you

  • Create and manage employee profiles

  • Access these profiles from any device, wherever you are

  • Upload all employment documents to one place
    (Employment Agreements, Qualifications, Reviews, Payroll Documents, CV etc)

  • Monitor expiration dates, to ensure that your staff comply with all regulations.

  • Sort and find employees who match the skill sets you require

  • Create role specific requirements and ensure compliance whilst rostering

  • Create a data trail for auditing purposes

StaffSync will stop employees who are not compliant from entering your rosters.  Employees can update their details, manage their calendar all on an easy to use self managed App.

StaffSync employee profiles

Build powerful reports

A simple but powerful reporting module generates a number of reports such as

  • Monthly usage Report

  • Staff absence Report

  • Group Leave Report

  • Employee Leave History

  • Casual Staff Report

StaffSync uses a live Dashboard to allow you to monitor trends and better use your human resources, creating a more engaged workforce.

For businesses with smaller units, StaffSync enables reporting at a head office, regional, department and unit level.

StaffSync integrates with all Payroll systems and HR systems that use an API – meaning that all employment information can be transferred directly to other enterprise systems with the click of a mouse.

StaffSync reporting

Intergrate with everything

StaffSync has been built to talk and listen to other systems.

We currently interface with

  • Payroll Providers

  • Customer Management Systems

  • Student Management Systems

  • Customer Relationship Management Systems

  • Onboarding and Recruitment Systems; and

  • Invoicing and other Financial Systems

Our built in payroll module will send your payroll provider with the information required through an API or csv file transfers to successful process payroll.

StaffSync will allow you to obtain approvals and make amendments to time sheets in the payroll module to streamline payroll processing.

All changes or amendments are automatically recorded in the Audit trail attached to each timesheet.

StaffSync easy

Customise with your branding

You have two choices when using StaffSync – either use our App or (for a little extra) we will replicate our App and build it with your own branding and logos.  Both options will be made available on the Apple App store and Google Play Store. StaffSync will be responsible for all the maintenance and support.

Once downloaded, your employees can view their schedule, manage their calendars and receive job notification via the app.

StaffSync whitelabeled

    Get started with a demo

    StaffSync has been designed to save you time and money and make staff management thorough, accurate, comprehensive and efficient.

    We know how long it can take to log data, enter details and fix mistakes, which is why we have built a better way.

    We’d love to share it with you.

    To schedule your demo, please fill out this form and we’ll arrange a time to show you how StaffSync can help your team.

    What some of our clients say

    StaffSync has been a successful innovation at Frimley. The job of organising relieving staff is definitely more than what meets the eye, but it made more efficient with StaffSync and the supportive team to guide us.

    Pauline CarswellAssociate Principal, Frimley School, Hastings

    Posting a relief job on the StaffSync App is easy, and can be done from home, school or from the café via your cellphone.

    Chris MitchellCornerstone Christian School

    This is FANTASTIC - I am never going back.

    Lyn ThorpDeputy Principal, Point View School

    StaffSync saves me so much time when organising relievers. It's perfect as an organisational tool because everyone who needs it (admin staff, senior leadership etc) has access to the same information.

    Leah BreedsTaradale Intermediate