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Searching for a Reliever

By April 14, 2020April 28th, 2020No Comments

Video Guide – How to Search for a Reliever

If you have a reliever working for you that you want to add to your preferred relievers list, or a reliever has approached your school saying they are on StaffSync already, you can search for them using their email address or mobile number.

Searching for a Reliever image 32
  1. Select ‘Relievers’
  2. Click ‘Add a New Reliever’
  3. Search for the reliever using their email address or mobile number
  4. Click on the search symbol
  5. Your search results will appear on the right; select the reliever to highlight their profile
  6. Select ‘Add To My Preferred List’ to move the reliever into your preferred relievers list

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