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How to Create New Reporting Roles

By October 6, 2023No Comments
How to Create New Reporting Roles image 52
  1. Select Our Profile
  2. Select Our Users
  3. Select Managers
  4. Click ‘Add a New Reporting Role’
  5. Enter the Name of this role
  6. From your list of users, choose the user that occupies this role
  7. Select Save Manager

    You can now find this role listed in your employee’s profile for you to select
How to Create New Reporting Roles image 54
  1. Select Staff
  2. Search for the employee’s name
  3. Select the Employee
  4. Select General Details
  5. You can now choose your custom role from the list. This means that this employee’s timesheets and leave requests will be accessible only to the person you have selected for this custom role. Any users with payroll access can also access this employee’s timesheet and leave. No one else will be able to see this employee’s timesheet or leave.
  6. Select Save/Update Details