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Terminating a Reliever

By April 17, 2020November 22nd, 2021No Comments

You should terminate a reliever when either the reliever is no longer available (e.g. they have taken a full time job or are no longer teaching), or you do not wish to use this reliever again.  When you terminate a reliever your school is simply removed from the relievers list of schools.  In addition, once you have terminated a reliever, they will no longer be sent job notifications if you use the broadcast option.

Terminating a Reliever image 107
  1. Select ‘Relievers’
  2. Select ‘Active Relievers’
  3. Click the name of the reliever you would like to remove
  4. Select ‘Work History’
  5. Switch the ‘Active’ to ‘Terminated!’
Terminating a Reliever image 51
  1. Select ‘Ok’ to confirm termination
Terminating a Reliever image 52
  1. Enter any notes on the termination here
  2. Select ‘Update Termination Details’ to save the changes

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