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Send a Reminder Notification

By April 28, 2020May 22nd, 2020No Comments

This function allows you to send your relievers a reminder notification for jobs where they have not yet responded.

Send a Reminder Notification image 71
  1. Select ‘Calendar’
  2. Click on the date of the job
  3. A list of jobs published for this date will appear here. Select the job of your interest
  4. Here you will see the number of relievers who have viewed your job, in this example no-one has viewed it
  5. Select ‘Send a Reminder Notification’ – relievers who have not yet responded to your job will get another notification alerting them of the job
Send a Reminder Notification image 76
  1. If you wish to add additional text to this reminder notification, enter it here
  2. Select ‘Send The Reminder’

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