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StaffSync For Schools

StaffSync is a productivity tool that seamlessly automates creating rosters, managing payroll and finding casual staff. Get started and stay connected with your staff through the StaffSync App.
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Six Reasons why over 900 Schools and ECE Centres Across New Zealand use StaffSync

Personalised Training

StaffSync provides personalised training for your staff and your relievers. We will have you up and running and booking relievers within 2 hours and will support your relievers to download the app and master basic functions like responding to jobs and updating their availability on their calendar.

Access New Zealand’s Largest Pool of Relievers

Manage your own lists of preferred relievers, set up groups for easy management and quick notifications – and when they are not available access a wider pool of relievers through our Broadcast feature.  This feature allows Clusters or COL’s to work together to share relievers amongst schools in that collaborative group.

Create Payroll Reports for Novopay

StaffSync automates reporting on key absence information for your staff, and records the amount and types of leave being taken. StaffSync  uses this information to provides tailored reports for schools on their use of relievers, as well as creating the fortnightly SUE report for submission to Novopay.

Better Communication With Your Relievers

Instant communication with your relievers.  Contact multiple staff with one notice, with only the relievers that are available being notified – relievers have all the information they need for each job saved on their mobile phone, and can block days off when they are not available.

Digitise Your Reliever Processes

Free up valuable management time  by using technology to  replace manual processes such as phone calling, texting and keeping paper records. Send automatic notifications to all involved in the process, including administration, reception and payroll functions.

Maintain 100% Compliance

The system captures and monitors key information such as teacher registration numbers, Ministry of Education numbers and expiration dates. References, work history and copies of ID, can also be captured to ensure that your relievers comply with  Vulnerable Children Regulations, and you can access this information in an audit.

What Schools are Saying

StaffSync has been a successful innovation at Frimley. The job of organising relieving staff is definitely more than what meets the eye, but it made more efficient with StaffSync and the supportive team to guide us.

Pauline CarswellAssociate Principal, Frimley School, Hastings

Posting a relief job on the StaffSync App is easy, and can be done from home, school or from the café via your cellphone.

Chris MitchellCornerstone Christian School

This is FANTASTIC - I am never going back.

Lyn ThorpDeputy Principal, Point View School

StaffSync saves me so much time when organising relievers. It's perfect as an organisational tool because everyone who needs it (admin staff, senior leadership etc) has access to the same information.

Leah BreedsTaradale Intermediate

We began using StaffSync just over a term ago. It has been amazing how much time I have saved; it's quick and easy to use and makes the before school time finding a reliever a lot less stressful. It has meant we have been able to widen our pool of preferred relievers. Our office manager can view the SUE reports quickly and easily and process them straight through to Novopay. Highly recommend!

Sally Grylls-ThomasDeputy Principal
, Te Ao Marama School

We recently joined StaffSync and it's been great. The set-up process has been easy and has been very well supported by their team. I found it tough to get relievers all year, and this term through StaffSync I've already had several quality new relievers in our school who have now joined our "preferred reliever" list. It's also great that the StaffSync system links with our administration system and calendars to record the use of relievers, this will be really helpful.

Tracy SvendsenDeputy Principal, St Joseph's Fairfield – Hamilton

Using StaffSync has 
saved us considerable time and stress, it is easy to use and has made the job of sorting relievers and payroll reporting much more streamlined.

Leesa ManginoDeputy Principal, Leamington School

StaffSync has made finding relievers easy and stress free. Being able to post jobs to relievers is easy, fast and efficient. The automation for calendars and payroll systems is excellent.

Mike MolloyKnights Stream School

StaffSync has been a lifesaver this year! It is an incredibly easy system to use, has saved so much time when booking relievers and introduced us to relievers we didn't have access to previously. It was an excellent choice for us and we look forward to using StaffSync again in 2020. The StaffSync staff are also incredibly helpful - Lis has helped us out on many occasions and no question has been a problem. We are so grateful to her for introducing us to StaffSync!

Natalie DirkzeCobham Intermediate

StaffSync has been great. We are a large school and finding relievers has at times been challenging. Since having StaffSync we have access to not only our preferred relievers but a wider pool of relievers if needed with the touch of a few tabs. The other great thing about it is it syncs to our google calendar plus we have access to reports about relieving days that help us forward plan for the subsequent year. We would recommend it.

Vicki LewisAvonhead School

StaffSync has made my job so much easier. The fact that we have a ready-made database of relievers that we can access means that our pool of relievers is much bigger, and I love the app based nature of it too, meaning I can book relievers 'on the go' with all the bookings stored in one place. It's much more cost effective than using recruitment agencies which means that money goes back to students, which is what we all want. I couldn't recommend StaffSync more highly.

Rauru WalkerSouth Wellington Intermediate School

I have been doing relievers manually for 15 years and StaffSync has just made my job so easy. Gone are the mornings and nights of ringing around 10 - 15 relievers trying to find someone for the next day. We are lucky to have a lot of schools in our area using StaffSync, so a lot of relievers are also on Staff Sync. I don't know how I survived so long without this.

Leah Breeds and Frances FraserBaverstock Oaks School

We were struggling to find relievers over term 2 when we joined StaffSync.
I was amazed at how easy StaffSync is to use and how many relievers we now have access to. Such an easy system and Shaan has been fantastic to work with.

Nicola KerrWaterview Primary School

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