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How to View a Timesheet

By February 2, 2023No Comments
How to View a Timesheet Screen Shot 2022 11 24 at 11.57.49 PM

1. Select the Timesheets button.


A. Timesheet Type Filters – Switch these toggles on and off to filter the timesheets you wish to view.

B. Specific Date Filter – Select a date on this timeline to view timesheets associated with that day.

C. All Date Filter – Switch this toggle to All to view all timesheets, regardless of dates.

D. Name Department and Role Filter – Use the text box to type a full or partial name. Use the dropdown boxes to select a department or a role you are filtering on.

E. If a timesheet is flagged for any reason, there will be a coloured outline around this box. Red – Clock in/out variance. Blue – Forgot to clock in/out or the timesheet contains a flagged activity i.e. annual leave.

2. Select the timesheet you wish to view.

F. Any warnings or errors will pop up in this yellow box.

G. These are the times that the staff member was rostered for work.

H. These are the times clocked in and out by the staff member.

I. This is where your staff member’s request to modify their worked hours via their StaffSync app will appear.

J. Regardless of what was worked, this section is the actual timesheet information that will be passed onto the payroll provider for payment processing – unless modified by you.

K. Click here if you wish to view the Audit Trail for this timesheet.