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How to Set Up a New Employee

By September 13, 2023No Comments

This guide helps you set up a new employee that has come through to StaffSync via a Sync

How to Set Up a New Employee image 13
  1. Click Staff (If you can not see this ‘Staff’ button, then you will need to ask your store administrator to grant you access)
  2. Type in the name or partial name of the employee
  3. Click Search
  4. Select the Employee
  5. Select General Details
  6. Select the Home Department
  7. Select All the Departments this employee can work in
  8. Select All the Roles this employee can undertake
  9. If there is a Maximum Hours limit for this employee enter it here
  10. Select the role this person reports to
  11. Click Save/Update Details

A. This is the email address this employee will need to use to log into StaffSync. If this email address is incorrect, you will need to amend it in Employee Central, and it will be updated in StaffSync in the next sync.

How to Set Up a New Employee image 14
  1. Select Payroll Details

B. B. This is the Payroll ID number of this employee. When using the KIOSK to clock in, they will need to use this number. If this number is incorrect, then you will need to make the changes in Employee Central. The change will updated on StaffSync after the next Employee Central Sync.

How to Set Up a New Employee image 15
  1. Select Rostering Detail
  2. Do you want to roster this person for work?
    If YES – this employee is identified in StaffSync as ‘Staff’ and you will be able to roster them
    If NO – this employee is identified in StaffSync as ‘Casual’ and you will not be able to roster them, you will have to publish a job notification to them
  3. Do you want this person to work additional hours outside their rostered hours?
    If ‘YES‘ – this person will receive job notifications for additional shifts
  4. Can this person create their own timesheet?
    Normally this is set as ‘YES‘ for department managers, this allows this staff member to create a shift for themselves to work
  5. Select Save/Update Details