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How to Process a Leave Request

By February 2, 2023No Comments
How to Process a Leave Request Screen Shot 2022 11 24 at 11.43.35 PM

1. Select the Leave button.

A. Enter a (partial) name to filter on.

2. Select the leave request to be viewed.

B. The details of the leave requested will be displayed here.

C. Leave balances will be displayed here.

3. Click here to view any documents attached.

D. The regular contract hours will be displayed here.

4. Leave this toggle as Yes – Same Leave Each Day if you wish to approve the same type of leave across all the days requested.

5. If you wish to change the leave type, you can do so here.

D. If you switch the toggle to No – Different Leave Each Day, then you can individually select the type of leave to be approved for each individual day being applied for.

6. You may enter a decision comment here – this will be visible to the staff member.

7. If you wish to notify someone of this leave decision, enter their email address here.

8. If you wish to make a decision on a future date, then select the date you wish to park the decision until.

9. Select your Approve or Decline Leave or select save to capture the changes you have made.

How to Process a Leave Request Screen Shot 2022 11 24 at 11.42.10 PM