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How to Add a Staff Member to a Roster

By February 2, 2023No Comments

How to Add a Staff Member to a Roster image
1 Select the Rostering button
2Select the Department
3Select the Daily view
AThis bar indicates, in 15-minute blocks, the number of staff you are over or under for that role. A tick indicates you have achieved your ideal roster for that block.
4Click on the timeslot that you wish to start this new staff member from e.g. 8:30 am is selected as the start time in the above example
BGreen + indicates the staff member is available all day Yellow + indicates the staff member is already rostered elsewhere, however, they can still be added to this roster at times they are available
5Click on the + to add the staff member to your roster.
6Click on Notify Changes – StaffSync will notify the staff with changes via push notification on their phones