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How to Add a Manually Maintained Employee

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Example: Your company setup creates all your employee profiles through a sync with a Payroll System or HR System. In special circumstances where an employee is not in theses systems and you wish them to be added to StaffSync, follow the steps below.

How to Add a Manually Maintained Employee image 37
  1. Select Staff
  2. Click on the text ‘Add New Staff and Casuals’
  3. Enter the email address of the employee you wish to add – this is to ensure they don’t already have an account with StaffSync
  4. Select the Search Icon
  5. If there is no search results – then Click – Register New Casual
    (If there are search results – then you can click to add their profile)
How to Add a Manually Maintained Employee image 38
  1. Enter the Employee’s Name
  2. Enter the Last Name
  3. Enter the Phone Number
  4. Enter the Email Address
  5. Enter their Address. When you start typing in the employee’s address select from the options that will drop down – if unknown, you can just type in the suburb or city.
  6. Select Register Details

    This should now open the Employee Profile
How to Add a Manually Maintained Employee image 36

  1. In the Employee’s profile’s General Details, switch the ‘Manually Maintained Staff’ toggle to YES. If you do not do this, then when the Employee Central Sync next happens, this employee will be made inactive.

    Continue setting up this employee as you would normally

Please Note: If you decide to add them to the Payroll or HR system later, make sure you add them using the exact email address you used to set up their StaffSync Manual Profile. When the system syncs employee details with StaffSync, the profiles will match up, and this employee will no longer be ‘Manually Maintain’ – this toggle will automatically switch to ‘No’.