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Grouping Relievers

By April 28, 2020May 22nd, 2020No Comments

Organising relievers into groups allows you to send a job notification to multiple relievers quickly rather than having to individually select them each time when publishing jobs.

Creating a New Reliever Group

Grouping Relievers image 59
  1. Select ‘Groups’
  2. Select ‘Add a New Group’
Grouping Relievers image 60
  1. Enter a name for the group
  2. Select a role
  3. Select ‘Create this Group’

Adding a Reliever to a Group

Relievers can be added to multiple groups. Relievers are not able to see any groups they have been added to.

Grouping Relievers image 104
  1. Select ‘Groups’
  2. Choose the role you wish to view or modify
  3. Select ‘Add to Group’
  4. Select the group you wish to add your reliever into from the drop down list
[3 – 4] You can also click on the reliever and drag and drop them into the group, you will need to wait for the outline outside the group to turn pink before you drop the reliever in.

Grouping Relievers image 57

Removing a Reliever from a Group

Grouping Relievers image 62
  1. Select ‘Groups’
  2. Choose the role you wish to view or modify
  3. Click on the reliever you wish to remove and drag their profile to the reliever list on the right. Release and drop your reliever into this list when the outline around the list turns pink (as the image above)

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