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Learn how StaffSync can help you manage Covid Compliance across your workforce

How StaffSyncs Covid compliance module can help you:

  • Capture employee vaccination and exemption status all in one place
  • Generate history reports for management compliance and audits
  • Allow your employees to use our intuitive mobile app to update their test or vaccination status

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We are offering businesses a no-obligation free 30-day trial of our Covid Compliance module.

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StaffSync can help you get your time back as you manage compliance around Covid.

Capture employee vaccination & exemption status
Build intuitive & responsive rosters
Allow your employees to easily update their vaccination status
Generate reports for
compliance & audits
Update and monitor Covid test results
Intuitive mobile app for employers & employees

Over 1500 organisations are using StaffSync

Supermarkets, health centres, aged care facilities, schools, logistics and retail chains are all
managing their staff with StaffSync.

Organisations powered
Staff profiles
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