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Adjusting a Roster

By September 7, 2020No Comments
Adjusting a Roster image 1
  1. The different colours in the daily view indicate different timesheet activities that are rostered for this staff member
  2. To change the start time of the shift, click and drag the front to move the shift
  3. To extend or shorten the shift, click and drag the end to resize the shift
  4. To add a rest or meal break to the shift, select the One-Click Break and click the cursor on the point that you wish to insert the break in the shift
  5. Click on the shift
  6. You will see a list of where this employee is working this week.
  7. The shift you have clicked on will have a blue line next to it
  8. To quickly make a change to this shift, enter the new start and finish time
  9. Click the save icon to capture the change
  10. To delete this shift, click on the bin icon
  11. Click on the clock to open the timesheet (image below)
Adjusting a Roster image 3
  1. Each activity being undertaken in the shift will be displayed separately in this view. You can change the start and finish time for each activity here
  2. The hours to pay will be automatically calculated based on the start and finish time entered for the activity here
  3. Click here to choose a type of activity from the drop-down menu
  4. Click here to add more activities to be undertaken during this shift
  5. Click on this button to Save Payroll Details

Adjusting a Roster image 4
  1. Once you have made all the changes to your roster, click the Notify Changes button. The system will send notifications to the phones of all these staff with their amended rosters

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