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Adding Successful Reliever Information

By April 1, 2020May 22nd, 2020No Comments

Successful Reliever Information includes key details that are sent to a reliever once they  have been allocated to a job. (Please ensure that this information is kept up to date with current information e.g. new contact phone numbers).

Adding Successful Reliever Information image 31
  1. Select ‘Our Profile’
  2. Click ‘Successful Reliever Information’
    This should bring up the successful reliever information you have already set up.
  3. Select ‘Add a New Field’
Adding Successful Reliever Information image 1
  1. Enter the name of the field you wish to create
  2. Select the type of field – we recommend you use TEXT BOX
  3. Select which of your organisations job roles can view this information
  4. Select ‘Save Field’
Adding Successful Reliever Information image 3
  1. The fields that have been created will now appear here
  2. You can use these arrows to adjust the order you wish these fields to appear
  3. You can now type in a default answer into the field, this will automatically appear when you are publishing a job (note: you will still be able to overwrite this when publishing individual jobs if you need to).
  4. Click ‘Update Default Answers’
  5. If you no longer wish to use a field, then switch this toggle to No’, you can always reactivate the field again by switching the toggle back to ‘Yes’

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