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Email Notification – When Jobs are Assigned

By April 1, 2020May 22nd, 2020No Comments

You have the option of nominating one or many email addresses to receive a notification for every single job that has been successful assigned on StaffSync.

Likewise, when publishing a job, at the very last step, you have the option of choosing whom you wish to notify about this specific job when it is assigned. e.g. a team leader or the staff member who is on leave.

Follow the instructions below to add these email addresses.

Email Notification - When Jobs are Assigned image 17
  1. Select ‘Our Profile’
  2. Select ‘Our Additional Users’
  3. Enter any users email addresses here to receive job assignment emails for every job eg. admin or principal
  4. List your staffs email addresses here on separate lines. When publishing jobs, you will be able to select them to receive confirmation emails for jobs relevant to them
  5. Select ‘Update Specialist Users’ to save these changes

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